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Benefits of an efficient asset management system

Prioritise work and manage timescales

A simple and effective system designed to maintain your assets more efficiently

There are a vast array of benefits associated WAM. Below are just a suggestion of the most obvious.

Helping your stakeholders see how you work

Your WAM programme allows you to create a summary for your Board and stakeholders so they can quickly see how you are looking after the assets of your organisation

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By combining your asset inventory with this constantly updated asset maintenance report your WAM programme allows you to create a summary for your Board and stake holders so they can quickly see how you are looking after the assets of your organisation.

Many clients have told us how this has supported QUEST Accreditation or OFSTED inspections. It provides you with an effective tool to demonstrate the efficiency of your maintenance team and so the service you offer clients and customers, the anticipated cost of assets per year of use, and any savings produced as a result of longevity and efficient maintenance.


Helping your team prioritise work and ensure each task is completed on time

Allow maintenance teams to access daily and weekly job schedules, checking against colour coded lists signalling what still has to be done, what's been completed and work in progress

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Your WAM programme will allow maintenance teams to access daily and weekly job schedules and check lists which are colour coded according to what still has to be done (red), what's been done (green) and to see work in progress (yellow).

This not only includes new faults reported by staff, but ongoing work as part of the planned preventative maintenance schedule. It will instantly tell them what work has been allocated (and/or reassigned), what tasks are the highest priority, and if delays arise (for example, if a part has been ordered and job pending), when the delay is over and work can progress.


Helping you maintain your assets more efficiently

Routine maintenance checks, contractor servicing and repairs can be monitored via a timetable which feeds into your team's work schedules

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Your personal WAM programme will list your organisation's assets and equipment, and can be updated whenever you want. Routine maintenance checks and contractor servicing and repair can be monitored via a timetable which feeds into your team's work schedules and which gives you regular reports of fault reporting and repairs.

What's more it will record the cost of your assets against anticipated and actual life span so quickly and easily assessing cost and potential savings for your organisation.


Why do people choose WAM?

Some of the reasons people choose WAM include:

  • Complementary to OFSTED and QUEST.
  • Easy and accessible monitoring from anywhere.
  • Budgeting tools to prevent unnecessary spend and more effective planning.
  • No interference with existing IT, as no software installations are required.
  • Can assist with tendering opportunities, as a well-known and proven way to monitor that you are looking after facilities and assets.
  • Environmentally friendly, as it encourages paperless solutions.
  • Takes your existing systems and makes them interact with each other, with all records in one place.
  • Cost effective as we do not charge per user, or per component/tool.
  • Mobile/Tablet version is included at no additional cost.
  • So simple and intuitive that a user manual is not required.
  • Complete storage facilities for documents and files at no additional cost.
  • Designed to assist single site operators, multi-site operators and flexible enough for those organisations that are growing.
  • Lengthy update installations are redundant - with WAM they are automatic.
  • Suitable for organisations that have their own maintenance teams, or those who rely on external contractors, or even both.
  • A fantastic way of monitoring to ensure H&S good practices and legislative obligations are met.
  • An effective way to communicate with colleagues what is going on with your facilities and equipment.
  • Email notifications and reminders, along with the ability to record times spent carrying out work requests.
  • A paperless solution and a way of integrating all of your essential systems in one place.

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