Frequently Asked Questions about WAM

What you need to know about WAM

Here are the most common questions we're asked about WAM. If the following questions and answers don't address your query, then please contact us.

What assets can WAM manage?

WAM customers currently use the system to successfully track and manage assets relating to all aspects of their operations including:
  • Plant and equipment
  • Building fabric and structures
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Portable appliances
  • Fixed plant
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • Catering equipment
  • Grounds maintenance equipment
  • IT
  • Any equipment types of your choosing

Why invest in Asset Management?

Asset Management has become a crucial part of a professional process. Your asset list is likely to cover hundreds if not thousands of individual items and will represent a huge financial investment. So ensuring the maintenance and repair of them is important. WAM is designed to make this easy, creating an asset register, scheduling planned preventative maintenance and creating a system for recording and tracking asset default.

This seems a really fast way to produce asset management reports. Would everyone have access to those reports, and everything else on the site?

No, we understand that you may want different teams to have access relevant to their job description and so your WAM programme allows for different user privileges.

What type of business would benefit from WAM?

Because WAM is customised to your individual business structure it can cater for those with a few hundred assets, or those with thousands. It will benefit businesses in many arenas, including sport and recreation, travel and tourism, hospitality, education, social care, health care and transport.

We have more than one site. Can WAM be used at multiple sites, as well as a single location?

Yes. Once you have your initial site set up this can grow, with you, and incorporate any number of sites. We charge per location so you simply purchase the number of licences depending on the number of sites you wish to use WAM.

Asset Management is becoming more efficient daily. Will there be updated versions of this package in the future, and how much will they cost customers like us?

Once you've signed up to WAM all future developments and additions will come to you automatically, free of charge.

At the moment we use a paper based reporting system. I am not sure how our maintenance staff would adapt to a computerised system?

This is the most common concern, and yet also the biggest and most welcome surprise to all organisations who sign up to WAM. We've developed a uniquely simple system so it is easy to use by technical and non technical staff. For those used to a paper-based fault reporting system, this really is as simple as logging on, hitting a button, ticking off job done or writing a simple update, and hitting another button to register the message. All you need to use WAM is access to the Internet. There are no lengthy software installations or a disc that needs to be shared among users or downloaded onto different computers in your building.

Be assured, though, that we will build on the current good practise within your organisation and take relevant information from existing systems (be it spreadsheets, manual records, databases etc) and build it into your bespoke WAM programme. Your staff will feel it is progressive rather than a completely new system.

The licence fee includes initial training which can be either one to one or with a group and for most users this is enough. But we also offer free continued telephone and email support if you should need it once you are up and running.

Can I talk to others already using WAM?

Of course. We would be delighted to put you in touch with other clients who will be able to discuss their experience of this programme.

How much does WAM cost?

There is a one-off fee to build your WAM, change the bespoke elements and also give you a day’s support training. Then there is a monthly license fee that’s price is dependent on how many locations you have on the system. Please contact us for more details.

Is it easy to use?

We believe that the WAM system is so intuitive that we may offer you a few handouts or short videos, but feel there is no need to supply you with a user manual. We also believe it is 100% relevant and will want it all at some point. Which is why you get it all included in a very competitive price.

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